You need to use Yandex Mail

Yandex was founded by Arady Volozh and Ilya Segalovich in Russia for 20 years. These two people who set up Yandex is the programmer at the identical time. However, Yandex is currently widely used in many countries. Those countries; Kazakhstan, aka Russia, Turkey and Ukraine. Just like Google, Yandex mail is an active platform for those who want to be informed. This platform enables information flow in a virtual environment, particularly in Turkey after Google is the most used search engine. Yandex is not only a search engine platform, it also includes many other features such as maps, e-mail and games at the same time. The country where Yandex is used most often is Russia.

What are the features of Yandex?
Yandex is a search engine that aims to find everything customers are looking for. Yandex, which aims to provide permanent content to its users, seems to have succeeded to do so. finally includes all the actual contents and the actual content, up to the minute news. Besides, there are many other features such as air condition reports which can be followed daily. Yandex aims to be useful to people before it is established. With this platform, which is finally successful, they seem to have achieved the success they have achieved. Other than that, Yandex, yet also increasing its activities in Turkey and the Turks ezilet aims to provide a search engine. The Yandex search engine is committed to exhibiting a brand new day-by-day added and innovative approach. It warns sites that contain viruses to keep their searchers on the Internet in a trusting environment, and tries to create a safe environment for us.

What is Available in Yandex?
Internet page Searches: Yandex ems mainstream business is to become a search engine.

E-Mail (YandexMail): YandexMail, which offers a safe environment for its users and has a useful interface, offers unlimited e-mail sending and receiving services. It allows sending up to 3 Gigabytes in a single mail. There is no company that can send 3 Gigabyte files at a single time, such as Luna Yandex. Besides, it is possible to send e-mails without distinction of the array file extension (eg .doc, .pdf). It also has the ability to filter array e-mails.

Yandex News: Yandex, which is a service that finally shares the minute news, is renewing this data Permanently. The purpose of this process is to ensure that people are informed about the Permanent agenda. Besides, Yandex, which contains the citation news in the series, offers the content of the content of the news yet to the users by specifying the source part from the page.

Yandex Map: Yandex, with its permanent renewed map system, makes a place where users want to go. spend millions of dollars to map system Yandex, Turkey 1 st concern is possible to say with the map. Private applications are also available map service for the phones in Turkey every province, every district and every neighborhood has to know. You can download this application to your phone, you can go to a place you want to know and can remember.