Facebook Advertising Service

Why facebook Ads?
Facebook is the most widely used social network in the world and is used as an advertising platform in addition to personal communication. Facebook ads are very attractive for companies for a very large number of reasons, such as reaching large audiences, interacting with consumers and increasing sales. In general with feysbuk ads
Reaching your target audience
Increase brand awareness
Increase traffic to websites
Increase the number of fans or tastes
Communication with customers
Sales acquisition
It serves for such purposes. However, they cost less than traditional advertising!
Feysbuk Advertising Models
Interact with Page Submission: A post (photo, video, link) you share on your facebook page is used to reach more people.
Page Likes: facebook page to increase the number of likes.
Web Site Clicks: It is used to increase the traffic of your website.
Website Conversions: Used to increase conversions (form, sales, etc.) on your website.
Application Downloads: Used to increase the number of uploads of your applications.
Interaction with the application: Used to increase the interaction of your applications.
Activity Answers: feysbuk is used to increase your participation by announcing your event to more people.
Offer Purchases: feysbuk is used to promote your bids.
Video Views: Use to increase the number of times your video is viewed.
The Right Audience!
This is where you need maximum care when advertising on Facebook. Because here you will determine who you want to show your ad. With your Feysbuk ads, you can target the human according to demographic information such as position, age, gender and interests. You can also target ads based on what users do outside of facebook. The more accurately you determine your audience, the more efficiently you are using your budget.
High conversion, Low Cost!
In order for your Facebook ads to receive high conversions and not waste your budget unnecessarily, we know and implement the feysbuk ad optimization methods correctly.
We optimize your facebook ads using some of the ways you can take it to success. We've listed these methods for you below.
1. Before we start, we will determine your target.
Before you start working on your ad campaign, you need to determine what your goal is. We draw the most correct way to achieve this goal.
2. We determine the right audience.
The most important issue about Feysbuk advertising optimization is to find the right target audience.
3. We observe the correct performance criterion.
The first thing the users will see in the ad is the advertising image, so we pay attention to the visuality and quality.