Google Ad Service

Google Adwords Service
It is the world's largest search engine network and the world's most visited site, Google's online advertising program, and accounts for an average of 90% of Google's revenue. Includes online ads created to reach users interested in the products or services offered. A keyword is entered in the Google search engine, and the results are displayed in the same way as below.
Fields within the red frame are Google Adwords Ads. Other areas are the results of organic, rather organic search results. These results are ları Google Search Network Ads “, plus” Google Display Search Ads Bu. The display network is pictures, videos, or moving ads that appear on the ları Google Ads “that you've probably seen on many sites.
The pricing is generally based on CPC (Cost Per Click). The advertiser determines a daily budget and ads receive clicks within this budget. Costs per click vary from sector to sector and are more pronounced compared to competition in the sector. The order in which the ad appears is determined based on the Ad Auction for each user search. Ad Auctions is a combination of keywords triggered by your CPC bid and a combo estimate of the quality of the Landing Page you're driving. A high CPC bid ad may not always win.
Google Adwords ads, ından Search engine network lar and, Video call network reklam can be given separately, you can give both. In addition, you can specify the day and time interval during which ads will be displayed, and can also select demographic features that are similar to the age, gender, or ad age.
Google AdWords; It is a product that can be used for promoting business, creating brand awareness, helping to purchase products or services, increasing awareness, and reproducing website traffic. Depending on what you want to do, your strategies should differ. If you want to increase brand awareness, our recommendation is to use the iy Display Network Marka. For direct sales, your goal is to use Motor Search Engine Network Dir.
AdWords accounts are managed online. Therefore, advertising campaigns, including ad text, settings, and budget can be created, stopped, removed, or changed. If you want to make bulk changes offline, you should use Google Adwords Editor offline.
The lack of a minimum spending commitment allows the advertiser to control his own budget. Naturally, if the campaign is not properly optimized, it is very possible to consume these budgets in a short time. When selecting keywords, you should be careful and play specific words. AdWords ads can be selected where to display and the effectiveness of the ad can easily be measured and reported based on the advertiser's appropriate budget. With the help of the different ads created, you can measure the budget of the most profitable ads by improving the performance of the ads between them, and you can go on improving the returns with less ads.